District 17 Candidates On Fundraising

I have some serious concerns about fundraising, an issue which has become very contentious in the recent debates I have had with other District 17 State Rep hopefuls.

I’m worried that my opponents Candance Chow and Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz are not telling the full story about how their fundraising situations.

Illinois State House District 17 Candidates have major differences when it comes to fundraising

As we all know, Mike Madigan is funding Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz’s campaign. However, Jennifer has decided to bite the hand that feeds her campaign. At every debate so far, she claims to owe her major donor no allegiance (not the best thank you ever!). In return, Candance Chow has taken to calling on Jennifer to return the money. Candance is right, doing so would prove Jen’s independence.

Friends, I am worried that Candance’s call ultimately misses the point, especially since we all know that Jennifer is in this race to support the status quo.

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Raising money is one of the hardest things a politician or candidate will have to do. But the process, while out of control in our country, does require some finesse which all candidates should have. For one thing, the amount of money you can raise, and the fact that you can raise money at all, is a clear demonstration of the value the community places in you. Also, it shows that you know how to inspire others.

Candance decided not to show off her work ethic fundraising like other candidates. Instead, she opted to start out self-funding. Not only is that an easy way out only available to the well-off, more importantly it shows that she was worried she did not have what it took to compete with myself, Jennifer, Mary Rita Lueke and Pete Dagher.

Personally, I am proud and grateful to have raised my campaign’s funds from a pool of over 500 donors. My funds make me beholden to the community, unlike Candance’s. They ensure my independence from Madigan’s rule, unlike Jen’s.

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