Gun Violence Prevention in District 17

Gun violence prevention has been a key topic for me, even before I declared my candidacy in the District 17 State House race. This past week’s violence in Florida shows that current gun regulations in Illinois are not enough to prevent a similar tragedy.

We need common-sense gun regulations. I always have and always will fight to protect our kids at school and on the playground.  We cannot continue to wait and watch as our children get hurt or worse.

The non-profit I founded, WeWill, often takes trips to Springfield to promote and help pass progressive legislation. This past veto session (in October) we worked on a bill to ban silencers, bump stocks, large capacity magazines and automatic weapons. Sadly, the NRA came in droves blocking passage of this bill. Had I been District 17’s State Rep in this past session, confronted with that same bill or a similar one, there is no question that I would have fully supported it.

Instead, there was another bill proposed during that same veto session by Republican State Rep Barbara Wheeler that would have banned only bump stocks. This bill got stalled in committee and ultimately flopped, despite bipartisan support. This was all thanks to Speaker Madigan, who sent this bill straight to rules, making it dead on arrival. Again this year, another Republican, Senator Chuck Weaver, proposed a similar bill to ban bump stocks, with the same reaction from Madigan. I would gladly support either of these bills.

The State of Illinois cannot continue to play team-sport politics while our kids are getting killed in the stands.

For more on my key stances and values, watch this Sun Times Interview Video, where I highlight gun violence prevention as one of my cornerstone policies.

Folks, protecting our kids cannot wait until after my election!

You can take action NOW by getting involved supporting SB1657 - Gun Dealer Licensing and by opposing SB0050 - Roll Back on Silencers.

Watch my video for details on how to get involved and fight to pass SB1657 and oppose SB0050.

Please take a moment to call your legislators and push them to take the necessary steps to protect our kids.

Here are written instructions on how to take action and support gun violence prevention measures.

Find your legislators at this site:

Find bills, search legislator contact info, read the bills at this site:

  1. Call your legislators
  2. Call other legislators
  3. Go to Springfield

As your next State Rep in the 17th I will continue fighting for common sense gun regulation in Illinois. Learn more about additional stances I have on my Facebook page.

Alexandra Eidenberg is District 17's best hope for ending gun violence!

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