Healthcare For District 17

Access to quality affordable healthcare is key for citizens across Illinois. As a small business owner that specializes in health insurance, I understand how critical and important being insured is for families and businesses.  I have been working in Illinois for over 12 years in health insurance and understand the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act. My knowledge of healthcare is one of the key components I bring to the table--I am the only candidate who can hit the ground running on expanding affordable health care day one.

Alexandra Eidenberg wants to expand affordable healthcare across Illinois

Donald Trump has been degrading the Affordable Care Act and “Obamacare” is under attack. I support universal healthcare and moving to a single payer model. Let’s be clear, I do not think we are ready for it yet in Illinois. I have some ideas to improve the ACA which will make it affordable for families and small businesses. The majority of people love “Obamacare” because it allows them to access plans with no limitations. The problem is that they are too expensive, the networks are shrinking and deductibles are rising. The goal is to fix these problems in order to transition us towards a universal solution.

These are the policy initiatives I support:

  1. Hold carriers accountable and ensure they provide annual documentation on claim expenditures to ensure they do not rate- gauge. No leading carriers in Illinois provide this documentation. It is not clear that their rate structure matches their claim payouts.
  2. Hold carriers accountable to offering both qualified and non-qualified plans across the state and in all counties.
  3. Make sure county pricing models match usage and are not arbitrary.
  4. Hold carriers accountable to not changing their doctors and hospital reimbursements midyear which causes network dropouts.
  5. Cover pre-existing conditions and offer policies without lifetime limits.
  6. Medicaid expansion. This should also allow for families to buy into medicaid based on their income levels.

Many people are lucky to have health insurance through their employer and some employers continue to contribute heavily towards health insurance benefits. But many citizens do not have access to employer-funded healthcare, and so end up insured on individual plans. These have been hit the hardest. This means that people, more than ever, are burdened by their healthcare costs.  

I will fight to make sure everyone in Illinois has access to quality healthcare. If Donald Trump continues to degrade the Affordable Care Act, I will be unwavering in my support of it and in finding creative ways to make it more affordable.

Here are some creative options I want to discuss in Springfield:

  1. An à la carte model where people can add and remove components of their benefits, allowing for pricing to change. Things like medication coverage, maternity, infertility, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes benefits are examples of options that could be added or removed in order to impact monthly costs.
  2. Out-of-pocket costs that give the consumer more control of their policy. Policy limits that are higher and allow for more monthly savings should someone choose a more high risk policy.
  3. Larger deductions for Health Savings Account (HSA) style plans. An Illinois specific deduction for HSAs in addition to the federal deduction.

As your next state rep in the 17th District, I will continue fighting for all our families to thrive here in Illinois.

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