Alexandra Eidenberg On The Issues That Matter To District 17 Voters

Alexandra Eidenberg has been a long time advocate for small business, women and children. As a regular in Springfield she has experience fighting for progressive values, creating coalitions and understanding the issues that matter to every day people. 

Alexandra Eidenberg will be our voice fighting for:

Equal Pay | As I have done for years I will continue to fight for equal pay. We must create equality in wages allowing for women and minorities to make the same salary and wages as our counterparts. 
Fair Wages | As a small business owner I know the value of paying good wages and offering benefits. We must raise the minimum wage to $15+ and support our unions allowing people to collectively bargain and access good paying jobs. 
Pro Choice | I am 100% pro-choice. 
Family Leave | I have spent years visiting Springfield fighting alongside our legislators to pass family leave for all people in Illinois allowing men and women to take time off to care for their loved ones. Illinois needs to be more family friendly and one of the best ways to be family friendly is through offering family leave on a payroll deduction basis. 
Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) | ERA Now! We must pass ERA here in Illinois allowing us to move forward with ratification.  I look forward to being a part of history and helping Illinois move forward with ERA.
Environment | On a national level we are failing our environment. We must get on a path to 100% clean energy here in Illinois and fight to join the Paris Agreement again. 
LGBTQA | Our communities need to be more inclusive. I will work long and hard to support and propose legislation that protects the LGBTQA community. 
Marijuana Regulation and Taxation | I fully support medical and recreational marijuana legalization. We need to tax and regulate marijuana creating vital funds and criminal justice reform our state desperately needs. My organization, We Will, has one of the largest coalitions, Moms for Marijuana, supporting this effort. 
Progressive Taxes | I support broadening our tax base and moving to a progressive fair tax. 
Healthcare For All :  Everyone deserves access to healthcare. I will fight to put the Affordable Care Act on track allowing for access to affordable healthcare for all. If our federal government continues to degrade the Affordable Care Act I will work in the legislature to expand Medicaid and ensure access for all. 
Small Business and Job Creation | Being a small business owner has a lot of challenges. Creating employment for others and myself is one of the key. 
Education | As a mom of 4 kiddos education is at the top of my priority list. I will fight for education equity in all our communities. I support public school education. 
Gun Control | I support banning silencers, automatic weapons, assault weapons, large caliber rifles, bump stocks and large capacity magazines.  We need to make our communities safer and protect our communities from gun violence. 
Unions | I am 100% pro union and look forward to staying union strong here in Illinois. I will fight long and hard for our workers and remove the 'Right to Work' legislation that Governor Rauner passed during veto session. There are critical union jobs to created and I look forward to being a part of that process. 
Women's Rights | I run an organization called We Will that helps women and children get involved in the legislative process. We have over 7000 members fighting for the rights of women and children. At the core of my values are women's rights. 




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