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Alexandra Eidenberg is a candidate for Oakton Community College School Board, which represents Evanston, Maine, New Trier, Niles, and Northfield Townships.

She is a small business owner and long-time community activist who’s fought to improve the quality of life for families and children, while advocating for small businesses to grow and thrive. Her leadership and advocacy has led to the successful passage of legislation in Springfield, while giving a voice to thousands to engage on behalf of women and families here in Illinois.

She’s the co-founder of an insurance practice called The Insurance People, which specializes in health insurance for both business and individuals. Alexandra has helped thousands of clients access insurance prior to and after the Affordable Care Act. Considered a specialist on the Act and healthcare insurance, she’s been featured on popular favorites like WBEZ and Beyond the Beltway advising others on how to access affordable healthcare.

An advocate for small business and a connector, Alexandra believes that small business growth is the backbone of job creation and strong communities. She knows that when we shop local, eat in our own backyard, visit our farmer’s markets, and frequent our coffee shops, it ensures our community thrives.

As a small business owner, Alexandra believes that everyone deserves to make a fair wage and was a tireless advocate for Cook County’s recent minimum wage increase. She built coalitions that actively phone banked and rallied on its behalf, while she testified in both Wilmette and Skokie to encourage both municipalities to implement the increase.

Alexandra has been a long-time community activist working on Democratic campaigns and advocating for business owners, serving as the director of eWomenNetwork for several years prior to starting her own non-profit organization, WeWill, formerly Mom+Baby, which supports women and children online, in-person, and on the hill.

WeWill was founded when Alexandra gathered a group of women back in 2013 to have real conversations about motherhood, staying engaged in the community, and continuing to be a part of the workforce. Today WeWill fights for the rights of women and children, has close to 7,000 members and hosts 10-12 events monthly affording women the opportunity to take a deeper dive into politics and public policy legislation.

In 2014 Alexandra worked tirelessly with Senator Toi Hutchinson and Representative Mary Flowers to pass the Pregnancy Accommodation Act, protecting Illinois’s pregnant workers’ rights. Since then, she has become a fixture in Springfield.                                                               Alexandra with Senator Toi Hutchinson and Representative Mary Flowers

In 2015, Alexandra and her organization helped write and pass pro-vaccination legislation. She worked side by side with legislators to protect our children and enforce stricter regulations. Today, Illinois’ crowd immunity rates have vastly improved. That same year she worked with Senator Martin Sandoval to write legislation to end taxes on diapers and wipes. The bill did not pass, but thousands of families collaborated and Alexandra led the pack fighting for our children and against taxing families on these hygiene necessities.

In 2016 and 2017, she built a coalition of women to work with Women Employed and Rep. Anna Moeller to pass legislation to stop employers from accessing prior wages in the hiring process, a practice which perpetuates the gender and racial wage gaps. This bill passed both chambers, but was vetoed by Governor Rauner. Alexandra is mobilizing members of Mom+Baby and is determined to overturn this veto.

Alexandra believes that when you support family, you support community, and when communities are strong people thrive. That’s why year after year Alexandra has advocated and fought diligently for Family Leave. She and her organization have visited Springfield dozens of times, phone banked, collaborated and uphill battled for the rights of families, working with Senator Daniel Biss, Senator Toi Hutchinson, Representative Anna Moeller, Representative Mary Flowers, and more to create bi-partisan Family Leave legislation that allows for families to thrive in Illinois.

Alexandra is a board member, founder of the women’s board, and policy committee member of the Small Business Advocacy Council. She is an active member of the Winnetka Northfield Chamber, Skokie Chamber, Wilmette Chamber, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) member. She was honored with the Ally Award in 2017 from LiftUpLift and named an eWomenNetwork Woman to Watch.

Alexandra was born and raised in Chicago. She is a product of Chicago Public Schools and believes in public education, which is why she and WeWill worked vigorously to help pass SB1, the education funding bill, providing equity to every child in Illinois.

Alexandra, her husband, Roger, and their four kids, Annaliese, Miriam, Owen, and Jack, live in Wilmette, kiddie corner to Highcrest School. Her eldest kids are in Kindergarten at Romona in District 39. Alexandra can be seen throughout town with her kids fighting for the rights of everyday people, education, family leave, equal pay, and ERA. All the kids, and especially her youngest, Jack, regularly attend board meetings, rallies, and events. She’s constantly at work raising young activists and has empowered thousands of women to do the same.

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